A key to staying fit is  consistent physical fitness. "Get Above the Bar" offers a variety of services and one of our biggest focuses is the importance of daily exercise. 


Exercise is very important, but without proper nutrition it is very difficult to see results when trying to reach your fitness goal. "Get Above the Bar" teaches how and why you should eat healthy to assist your exercise program.


“If you teach a man to fish...” Education gives everyone the tools they need to succeed through their lives. So instead of just giving meal and workout plans, we teach how to stay consistent and eat healthy even after you leave our program.


"Get Above the Bar" strongest aspect is our motivation. We have posts, emails, and many more features to keep you motivated daily. Check out our social media for more information.

At "Get Above the Bar", we aim to help people reach all of their fitness goals while having fun. We have a huge fan base who we reach out to on a daily basis. From teaching people how to eat healthy, to writing up daily workouts, we have successfully helped hundreds of thousands of people improve their healthy lifestyle. We have many services to help us reach our goal of helping our followers. For more information about "Get Above the Bar" visit our many tabs on our web page.


Where there are people in need, we’ll be there lending a hand, a smile, and an encouraging word.



Our Mission:

Get Fit & Have FUN!

Get Above theBar

Get Above theBar